Teeth EP

by The Amenta

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released February 12, 2013


all rights reserved



The Amenta Sydney, Australia

THE AMENTA was crudely welded together in the sickly dawn of a new millennium, Combining the uglier aspects of Black Metal, Death Metal, extreme Industrial and ambient Electronica, THE AMENTA soundtracks an era of rot, rust and ruin

The current line-up consists of:

Cain Cressall (Vocals)
Erik Mlehs (Gultars)
Timothy Pope (Samples, Keyboards)
Dan Quinlan (Bass)
David Haley (Drums)
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Track Name: Teeth
Higher mind as a pill,
Dissolving in a gut,
Losing shape and form
Just primordial sludge,
An endorphic phospene,
Projected on cinematic skull
A crystallizedz,
Perfect fucking nothing
Death at a plunger's push
Bloody across the canvas
A crystallized zero

Death a plunger's push
Reborn: Tabula Rasa
An artificial warmth
From diluted blood
Tail in teeth

Cortex stripped stumbling
Down the nervous system
Liminal - Minimal
A dream of teeth and claw
Reborn: Tabula Rasa
A dream of teeth and claw

The snake's escape
A vicious primal joy
Trading reason for reflex
And vagaries for void
Leave your weapons
At the doors of imperceptions
Tail in teeth

The snake: a crystallized zero
Perfect fucking nothing
The snake: a crystallized
Perfect fucking nothing
Tail in teeth

The death of the soul
And weakness on trial
An unconscious conviction
Reborn a reptile
Neocortex annul
A thumbs unyielding weight
Against the world's winds
A feathered serpent embrace
I have seen the greatest minds
Sedated and slumped
Sickly spinal shiver
In a cold-blooded dawn

A thawing of sluggish vein
And sudden rush of reason
Heading for the shallows
And crawl, gasping from swamp
In sweaty shrouds of sheets
Reptiles shed their scales
Track Name: The Arc
In jest:
The cyanidal cup.
The beam slung slack:
Our hempen halo.
Bravado blushed breaker
Blooms over His Terria.
Cruxed branch unblissed,
Quaked Earth ingest.

Our will be crushed.

Scissor-tongued garden snakes
In raven's robes refrocked.
Doll-eyed signs, bisected sibilance
Their throat-hung icon.

Wrist marked commerce.
Crowds in goatish rut.
Age pocked fist in take.
Scissors stung the guarding snakes.
No ledge is clear
Over arterial traffic.
A subtle heart drum.
My wren-boned child.

Our will be crushed.

Arched back,
In protected arms.
Finger, rapt, round
Paternal trigger.
Remorse code taps
At a sole window.
And over the strip
Tracers arced back.
Gravely flung gravel
Is a brow's own gravity.

Face flushed and flag-red
In charge of the Papal Bulls
No angels sing Fallujah.
Suited, looted and jackbooted
For it's a waterless wave
That flings gravel on the grave.

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